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Snow Bros

Snow Bros Online is a 1990 platform arcade video game originally developed by Toaplan first published in Japan, then in North America by Romstar and later in Europe.

Starring the eponymous snowmen twins Nick and Tom, players are tasked with travelling through 50 stages, throwing and building snowballs, jumping on and off platforms to navigate level obstacles while dodging and defeating monsters in order to rescue the princesses Puripuri and Puchipuchi from captivity.

Although first launched in arcades, Snow Bros Online was later ported across multiple platforms, each one being created by different third-party developers and featuring several changes or additions compared with the original version. Conversions for various microcomputers were in development but none were officially released to the public.

Snow Bros Online was met with mostly positive reception from critics and players alike, earning an award from Gamest magazine and gaining a cult following since its initial release. In 1994, a sequel titled Snow Bros. 2: With New Elves was released by Hanafram, serving as the last game by Toaplan prior to their closure. The rights to the title are owned by Tatsujin, a Japanese company formed by Masahiro Yuge. A revival for Nintendo Switch is scheduled for a 2022 release date.

Snow Bros Online Gameplay

Snow Bros Online is a platform game reminiscent of Bubble Bobble and Tumblepop, where players assume the role of snowmen twins Nick (P1) and Tom (P2) through 50 increasingly difficult stages, each with a boss at the every tenth stage that must be fought before progressing any further, in an effort to rescue twin princesses Puripuri and Puchipuchi from captivity as the main objective.</p

The plot summary of Snow Bros Online varies between each region and version. In the NES port, King Scorch cursed princes Nick and Tom by turning them into snowmen, while he also captured the princess twins Teri and Tina, leading the brothers to defeat the king to save their land.

2 Player Platform Retro


Player 1:

  • Select / Insert Coin: shift
  • Start: enter
  • Move = Arrow keys ← → ↑ ↓
  • Button 1 = z
  • Button 2 = x
  • Button 3 = a
  • Button 4 = s
  • Button 5 = q
  • Button 6 = e

Player 2:

  • can be configured in the game
  • Hover and click the gamepad icon to view/change controls.

Note for 2 players:

It is recommended to remap the controls for both players and to make sure that there are no duplicate mappings.

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Snow Bros

How to Play Snow Bros