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Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers Unblocked is a multiplayer First-person shooter egg-cellent game developed by Blue Wizard Digital on September 2018 for mobile and desktop.

Players can drop in and play anonymously in public lobbies or create persistent accounts and private maps to play with friends, and the game features a variety of pop-culture-influenced, punnishly-named weapons (EggK-47, Scrambler, Free Ranger, Rpegg, Whipper, Crackshot, Tri-Hard) player skins and items.

As of mid-2019, the game had almost 40 million players worldwide, and is one of the most popular .io games available online.

Shell Shockers Unblocked has been the target of some controversy, as it is commonly played by high school students on Chromebooks provided by schools for educational purposes.

Gameplay of Shell Shockers Unblocked

Jump into the game and select your character name, customize your egg, and choose one of four game modes. In this game, you must work hard to protect yourself and dish out damage to opposing eggs. Try out each game mode and see if you can conquer the Shell Shockers Unblocked arena. 


There are seven main weapon types in Shell Shockers. Each weapon has its advantages and drawbacks. If you have eggcellent aim, a weapon like the Crackshot would be great. If you’re more of a spray-and-pray type, try out the Whipper. The full weapon list for Shell Shockers Unblocked is:

  • EggK-47 – classic medium-range automatic
  • Scrambler – high-damage shotgun
  • Free Ranger – semi-automatic sniper rifle
  • RPEGG – huge damage RPG
  • Whipper – close to medium range rapid-fire rifle
  • Crackshot – bolt-action sniper rifle
  • TriHard – accurate medium-range burst-fire rifle

System requirements for Shell Shockers Unblocked

We’re still in the process of working this out, but here’s a rough idea:

  • A mouse (or trackpad; ew!) and keyboard. No official mobile support (yet!)
  • 2.0Ghz processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • A graphics accelerator that supports WebGL
  • A broadband connection
  • A WebGL and WebSocket-compatible browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, or Opera
    Internet Explorer is not supported!
IO FPS Multiplayer


  • WASD to move
  • Left-click to shoot
  • E to change weapon
  • Q to throw a grenade
  • R to reload
  • Space to jump
  • Shift to zoom and aim
  • Gamepad is now supported!
Slope Multiplayer
Bullet Force



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How to Play Shell Shockers