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Paper io

Paper io Unblocked is an online multiplayer io game published 2018 by Voodoo where you capture as much territory as possible. Extend your area as much as possible. Use your paper block to steal the area from your online opponents in this online web game.

Capture as much space as possible and try to get the highest score in the lobby. If you move outside your own color, your tail becomes exposed. You will be eliminated when someone manages to catch your tail. So you need to take risks to expand your colored area.

Gameplay of Paper io Unblocked

Players expand their own individual circles by drawing a line outside their territory and then connecting the line to their circle to make it bigger. When a player crashes into a second players line, the second player dies, and when a player crashed into his own line, the player dies. There are several skins in the game that can be unlocked by completing specific tasks.

The winner is the person who manages to cover the entire circular piece of paper. Like, another game made by Voodoo, the other “players” are actually NPCs, not actual people, and thus the game does not require internet connection to play.

Game Mods in Paper io Unblocked

In the sequel, gameplay is similar, except the player is guided by the mouse rather than the arrow keys. There are 4 gamemodes: Classic, Small, Fast, and World Conflict. World Conflict is unique in that the spawn dot is where the capital of the chosen country is, and all that is needed to be defeated is to have the capital become captured by another player. Unlike in Paper io Unblocked, the border does not kill players unless they run straight into it or accidentally backtrack into their own line if they are hugging the edge.


Labyrinth has two gamemodes: Classic and Egypt. Labyrinth is a singeplayer maze adventure, where the player must try to escape without running into the walls.


Agarpaper is a spinoff of, but using squares rather than circles. Gameplay is similar to


There are also minigames. Paper vs Blocks is a minigame where the player has to accumulate score by eating the circles while steering clear of the squares, which can kill the player. Christmas is a Christmas-themed minigame where players must avoid running into the presents, which kill them. Otherwise, Christmas is played just like Paper io Unblocked.


There are a number of skins that may be unlocked by sharing, completing quests, or merely by regular gameplay.


  • Real-time online matches with other players
  • Custom skins to define your own image
  • Addictively fun gameplay

Tips and Tricks for Paper io Unblocked

  1. Don’t be too greedy. The longer your tail is exposed, the more likely it is that you’ll be destroyed by an opponent.
  2. Attack other players boldly when their tail is exposed. Then claim all the white space they previously inhabited!
  3. Paint cautiously and stay close to your territory until you’re sure it’s okay to claim a larger space.
  4. Move around the edges of the map to minimize exposure while claiming more and more space for yourself!
IO Multiplayer Skill


Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys or move your mouse to control your snake.
Slope Tunnel
Geometry Dash



Paper io Unblocked

How to Play Paper io