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Super Mario

Super Mario Unblocked is a platform game developed and published by Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985. This game began the shift from single-screen gameplay to side-scrolling platformer levels.

Despite not being the first game in the Mario franchise, it is the most iconic and introduced a variety of series staples such as power-ups, classic enemies and the usual task of the player having to rescue Princess Peach from King Koopa. 

Gameplay of  Super Mario Unblocked

In Super Mario Unblocked, the player controls Mario, the protagonist of the series. Mario’s younger brother, Luigi, is controlled by the second player in the game’s multiplayer mode and assumes the same plot role and functionality as Mario. The objective is to race through the Mushroom Kingdom, survive the main antagonist Bowser’s forces, and save Princess Toadstool. It is a side-scrolling platform game where the player moves to the right to reach the flagpole at the end of each level.

Tips and Tricks for Super Mario Unblocked

  • Collect all the coins you can. Coins can be used to start off with a power up or get a random one midlevel (by pressing X). Get all the ones you can.
  • Start off with the Super Mushroom or Fire Flower. If you’re particularly skilled you can use a Super Mushroom so that the next power up you get will be a Fire Flower but if you’re a bit apprehensive, go for the Fire Flower right away to easily shoot enemies down instead of doing painstaking platforming in Super Mario Unblocked.
  • Hit the top of the flag pole. The higher you get on the flag pole, the more time you get so this is an easy way to give yourself an edge.
  • Kill every enemy you can. This gives you more time to finish a level and adds extra obstacles to your opponent’s stage.
  • Use the Item Roulette strategically. By pressing X and then X again to select you can get a random item. This costs 20 coins so use it wisely!
  • Do the Daily Challenges. The awards are 100, 200, and 300 coins which are a valuable resource for future runs.
  • Remember you can’t move backwards in the level. If you can no longer see it on screen, it’s inaccessible. So don’t go off attacking Goombas thinking you can swing back to the Question Block you passed by.
  • Be mindful of who you’re attacking. You can attack the player with the most coins, lowest time, attackers, or random.
  • Target people directly with the left stick. While you can let the game select the person for you you can also target a person directly. Use the left stick to pick the player who is in a particularly hard level or who needs to do some difficult jumps to put the pressure on them.
  • Consider remapping controls. In Super Mario Unblocked by default you move with the directional buttons, run with y, and jump with B while using the left analog stick to select who you’re attacking. If this feels unnatural to you select “options” when starting the game and remap the controls.
2 Player Platform Retro


Player 1:

  • Select / Insert Coin: shift
  • Start: enter
  • Move = Arrow keys ← → ↑ ↓
  • Button 1 = z
  • Button 2 = x
  • Button 3 = a
  • Button 4 = s
  • Button 5 = q
  • Button 6 = e

Player 2:

  • can be configured in the game
  • Hover and click the gamepad icon to view/change controls.

Note for 2 players:

It is recommended to remap the controls for both players and to make sure that there are no duplicate mappings.

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Super Mario Unblocked

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