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Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Unblocked is an arcade game designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and released by Nintendo on July 9, 1981. It was the first appearance of Mario, back then known as Jumpman, the first appearance of Donkey Kong Unblocked and the first appearance of Pauline, the damsel-in-distress.

Gameplay od Donkey kong Unblocked

Donkey Kong Unblocked is an early example of the platform genre (it is sometimes said to be the first platform game, although it was preceded by Space Panic and Apple Panic). Competitive video gamers and referees stress the game’s high level of difficulty compared to other classic arcade games. Winning the game requires patience and the ability to accurately time Jumpman’s ascent.

In addition to presenting the goal of saving the Lady, the game also gives the player a score. Points are awarded for finishing screens, leaping over obstacles, destroying objects with a hammer power-up, collecting items such as hats, parasols, and purses (presumably belonging to Lady), and completing other tasks. The player receives three lives with a 1-up awarded for the first 7,000 points.

The game is divided into four different one-screen stages. Each represents 25 meters of the structure Donkey Kong Unblocked has climbed, one stage being 25 meters higher than the previous. The final screen occurs at 100 meters. Later ports of the game omit or change the sequence of the screens. The original arcade version includes:

  • Screen 1 (25m) – Jumpman must scale a seven-story construction site made of crooked girders and ladders while jumping over or hammering barrels and oil barrels tossed by Donkey Kong Unblocked. The hero must also avoid flaming balls, which generate when an oil barrel collides with an oil drum. Players routinely call this screen “Barrels”.
  • Screen 2 (50m) – Jumpman must climb a five-story structure of conveyor belts, each of which transports pans of cement. The fireballs also make another appearance. This screen is sometimes referred to as the “Factory”, “Cement Factory” or “Pie Factory”, due to the resemblance of the cement pans to pies.
  • Screen 3 (75m) – Jumpman rides up and down elevators while avoiding fireballs and bouncing objects, presumably spring-weights. The bouncing weights (the hero’s greatest danger in this screen) emerge on the top level and drop near the rightmost elevator. The screen’s common name is “Elevators”.
  • Screen 4 (100m) – Jumpman must remove eight rivets, which support Donkey Kong Unblocked. The fireballs remain the primary obstacle. Removing the final rivet causes Donkey to fall and the hero to be reunited with the Lady. This is the final screen of each level. Players refer to this screen as “Rivets”.

These screens combine to form stages, which become progressively harder. For example, Donkey Kong Unblocked begins to hurl barrels more rapidly and sometimes diagonally, and fireballs get quicker. The victory music alternates between stages 1 and 2.

The 22nd level is unofficially known as the kill Screen due to an error in the game’s programming that kills Jumpman after a few seconds, effectively ending the game. With its four unique stages, Donkey Kong Unblocked was the most complex video game at the time of its release, and only the second game to feature multiple stages.


  • Donkey Kong
  • Normal Barrels (can be thrown in any direction)
  • Blue Barrels (can only be thrown directly down to the bottom of the stage)
  • Trouble Bugs
  • Oil Drums
  • Springs
Retro 2 Player Platform


Player 1:

  • Select / Insert Coin: shift
  • Start: enter
  • Move = Arrow keys ← → ↑ ↓
  • Button 1 = z
  • Button 2 = x
  • Button 3 = a
  • Button 4 = s
  • Button 5 = q
  • Button 6 = e

Player 2:

  • can be configured in the game
  • Hover and click the gamepad icon to view/change controls.

Note for 2 players:

It is recommended to remap the controls for both players and to make sure that there are no duplicate mappings.

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Donkey Kong

How to Play Donkey Kong