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Metal Slug

Metal Slug Unblocked is a run and gun video game developed by SNK. It was originally released in 2000 for the Neo-Geo MVS arcade platform as the sequel to Metal Slug 2/Metal Slug X. The music of the game was developed by Noise Factory.

The game was ported to the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Wii, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

Metal Slug Unblocked Gameplay

The gameplay mechanics are the same as previous Metal Slug games. The new thing about Metal Slug Unblocked, however, is the branching path system. In the first four missions, there are forked paths for the player to choose from, each with their own obstacles, and varying in length and difficulty. All paths eventually lead to the same boss battle, but the player may have different equipment and may have rescued different amounts of hostages depending on their choices.

List of branching routes in Metal Slug Unblocked

Mission 1

  • Slug Mariners route (Using Slugnoid against boss)
  • Hammer-Yang route (Keep going forward and jump on the Borobune Slug; SV-001 Type-R against boss)
  • Ohumein-Conga route (Jump inside the Warp Base; Using Slugnoid against boss)

Mission 2

  • Rebel Army route (Keep going forward)
  • Sasquatch route (Break the “ICEMAN” wall. Before the Rebel Army route)

Mission 3

  • Slug Mariner route (Below the first missile wall. Leads to the LV Armor route)
  • Ostrich Slug route (Around the second missile wall where a tunnel lowers itself into view)
  • LV Armor route (Keep going forward in the scuba section)

Mission 4

  • Mummy route (When you see the Rebels running from the mutated bug/Japanese route and the Man Eater spore, go to the upper part and pull the crank switch until the cover opens)
  • Quick Boss route (Same as above but avoid entering the cover)
  • Mutated Bug route (Enter the base and pull the crank switch until the cover opens)
  • Japonese route (Enter the base but skip the crank switch and go forward until you see a portal with the Japanese word for “entrance”)
Retro 2 Player Action


Player 1:

  • Select / Insert Coin: shift
  • Start: enter
  • Move = Arrow keys ← → ↑ ↓
  • Button 1 = z
  • Button 2 = x
  • Button 3 = a
  • Button 4 = s
  • Button 5 = q
  • Button 6 = e

Player 2:

  • can be configured in the game
  • Hover and click the gamepad icon to view/change controls.

Note for 2 players:

It is recommended to remap the controls for both players and to make sure that there are no duplicate mappings.

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