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Machine Gun Gardener

Machine Gun Gardener is an arcade style first-person shooter defense game developed by Studio11508 on August 2021 for Web browser (WebGL). You play as a rookie gardener thrown into battle to stop fiendish farm life from taking over and destroying your prized gardens.

Gameplay of Machine Gun Gardener

Use a variety of weapons to save your gardens

Machine Gun Gardener features various weapons you can use to take down the persistent threat of crop-munching cattle and sheep. The battle gets more and more chaotic as you struggle to hold back the inevitable cropocalypse.

Pick up munitions and bonuses

There’s a basic gun with rapid-fire potential and unlimited ammunition. Then there are turrets, bombs, a black hole, and a flamethrower at your disposal. Obliterated animals drop ammo for all these weapons, as well as bonuses.

Earn upgrades by unlocking achievements

Pay attention to the upgrades section to keep track of your achievements. Each milestone gives you bonuses that include anything from extra bombs and turrets to increases in your running speed and repair rate.

Defeat a horde of undead animals

When you’ve collected most of the upgrades from ‘Garden Defense’, you can try your luck in ‘Horde Survival’ mode. This features intense waves of undead farm animals who also attack you.

Machine Gun Gardener Features

  • Upgrade system for enhancing weapons and abilities
  • 2 differently chaotic game modes to play
  • 4 diversely destructive special weapons
  • Custom ending screen based off your game play
  • Physics based explosions for unpredictable destruction
  • Low poly, vibrant colorful graphics
  • WebGL, Windows and Mac support
  • Helpful tips at the start of each play through
  • Randomized rewards for level progression
  • Options for mouse sensitivity and inverting Y look axis
  • High score display during gameplay to compete against yourself
Arcade Action FPS Shooting


Keyboard + Mouse:

  • Walk: WASD
  • Run: Shift
  • Jump: Space
  • Look: Mouse (Adjustable sensitivity in Options)
  • Shoot: Left Mouse
  • Fire Secondary Weapon: Right Mouse / R
  • Cycle Special Weapons: 1-4 on keyboard or mouse wheel
  • Quit Game (Mac & PC): Esc
  • Pause + Menu: Tab
  • Pause: C
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Machine Gun Gardener Unblocked

How to Play Machine Gun Gardener