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FNAF 4 Unblocked is an indie survival horror video game developed by Scott Cawthon on July 2015 for console, mobile and web browsers. Here is the latest episode of the original story of Five Nights at Freddy’s. FNAF 4 Unblocked is possibly the most terrifying and the most oppressive of the series, the stress will be permanent if you want to survive to Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie and Foxy but also to other strange creatures that haunt the premises.

You play the role of a child alone in a big house where strange phenomenons occurs at night. Your goal will always be to survive for several nights in a row, with only tool a flashlight and the ability to close the doors. Watch out, there’s something hiding under your bed!

Basics of FNAF 4 Unblocked

FNAF 4 Unblocked is both like and unlike the previous games in the series. You still need to survive until 6 a.m., you still need to watch out for murderous animatronics, and you’re still subjected to jumpscares when you muck up. That said, there are plenty of changes as well.

  • For starters, you don’t have any cameras. You’re stuck in a single room the entire time. You can move to different vantage points in the room, however, and doing so is important for overall survival.
  • There’s no power meter. The only device operating on power in this game is the flashlight, and it lasts the entire night. This is good . . .
  • . . . except that you can’t leave doors closed for as long as power permits anymore. You must be beside a door and hold it down via a keyboard press. This is bad, as it means you aren’t looking at the other door.
  • Sound cues are incredibly important. They were of varying importance in previous games—middling in the first game, high in the second, somewhat low in the third—but now they’re essential. If you don’t have a good pair of headphones, you will not survive. And when I say good headphones, I mean a complete pair. A single ear won’t do it.
  • In FNAF 4 Unblocked the flashlight is not an automatic saviour anymore. It can, in fact, hurt you if you use it incorrectly. More on that in a bit.

FNAF 4 Characters


    Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Chica, Nightmare Foxy, Nightmare Fredbear, Plushtrap, Nightmare Balloon Boy, Jack-O-Bonnie, Jack-O-Chica, Nightmare Mangle, Nightmarionne, Nightmare


    Crying Child, Older Brother, Masked Bullies, Pigtail Girl, Plushtrap Kid, Toy Girl, Balloon Kid


  • Shift = Door
  • Space = Flashlight
  • X = Hide tips
  • Flick the mouse downwards to look forward
  • Press and hold space to use flashlight
Geometry Dash Bit by Bit



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How to Play FNAF 4